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Emily Post's business etiquette training is a vital piece of the professional success puzzle. From job interviews to hosting business meals, from making the phone call to landing the deal, etiquette, professional image, and the ability to build strong realtionships are what make lasting impressions.

Who benefits from an Emily Post education? Everyone: New hires, sales force, front-line staff, managers, leadership teams, and executives.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about our business etiquette seminars, personal branding seminars, one-on-one consulting, e-Learning program, and five-day business etiquette train-the-trainer course.

We also invite you to take a minute to peruse our Etipedia business articles, podcasts, videos, and Peter Post's business column in the Boston Globe.

The Etiquette Advantage In Business


The Etiquette Advantage in Business by etiquette authorities Peggy Post and Peter Post provides you with the all-important tools for building solid, productive relationships with your business associates -- relationships that will help propel you and your company straight to the top.

Today, more than ever, good manners mean good business. Written for business workers of all types and backgrounds, The Etiquette Advantage in Business, 3rd Edition remains the definitive resource for timeless advice on business entertaining, written communication, dressing appropriately for any business occasion, conventions and trade shows, job searches and interviews, gift-giving, and overseas travel.

The Etiquette Advantage in Business is the perfect corporate gift, whether paired wtih Emily Post training or given on its own. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Business Etiquette Seminars


Dig a little deeper and learn what The Emily Post Institute has to offer for companies and educational institutions across the world: business etiquette training and seminars, executive dining training, workplace civility programs and so much more. View our content concentration areas, presenter bios and client testimonials.

Business Etiquette Train-the-Trainer Course


Are you a corporate trainer or an independent consultant who wants to become an etiquette expert? You've come to the right place. Find out more about our intensive Emily Post Business Etiquette Train the Trainer Program. Five days education gets you a life-time of expertise.

Business Etiquette E-Learning Program


Whether you are an individual looking to take your career skills to the next level or seeking self-guided learning for a large group, our e-Learning program is for you. Designed from our popular Business Etiquette Seminar series, we cover the most sought-after business etiquette topics, including email and cell phone etiquette, executive dining training, workplace interactions and so much more.

Web Articles

aqua_learnmore_WONo matter where you are in the job process, we have tips for effective and eloquent navigation of the business sphere. If you are searching for a job or are in the midst of the application process, check out our articles in The Job Search and The Interview categories for advice.

Difficulties with co-workers? Questions about general office behavior? Read from the sections Office Issues and Workplace Relationships to know more. Whether you are interacting with new clients or familiar co-workers, the right social etiquette is key in maintaining relationships crucial to your business position.

Take a look at the sections Clients, Customers, Vendors or Contractors and The Social Side of Business for more information. You can browse the articles on the left-hand side of this page or search our site. It's often the easiest way to find the articles you need.



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