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Professional Image

Professional image creates career success

"This presentation was very interesting - everyone enjoyed themselves and were able to learn skills that will help now and in the future. The small group work and personal interaction made the presentation effective and helpful."
"The presenter was such a good example of everything he was teaching."


What do confidence, clothing, body language and grooming have to say about how good we are at our jobs? Much more than we would like to think. In under two seconds of meeting someone, our competence is judged by our superficial appearance. Make sure that your image says what you want people to remember.


  • Business casual vs. busines professional
  • The power of the right wardrobe
  • Age and stage considerations
  • What works for you and your company
  • The rule of "too"
  • Choosing the right flare

Your Brand    

  • Understand your communication style
  • Emphasize attributes and decrease limitations
  • Learn the standard of dress that works for you

Your Person        

  • Grooming do's and don'ts
  • Handling tatoos, piercing, and body modification
  • How to get help with tough issues

Body Language   

  • Conveying confidence
  • When to: stand, shake, sit
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Non-verbal communication cues

And so much more!


Training Modules

blue_learnmore_WOImage and Attire - To achieve career goals and be a professional that everyone holds in the highest esteem, employees and executives need to develop and be aware of their personal brand and professional image.

blue_learnmore_WOBusiness Social - Comprehensive business social and networking skills help professionals to build and maintain successful client and colleague relationships.

blue_learnmore_WODining Etiquette - A lack of polish at the table equates to a lack of professionalism and can cost your company business. Dining etiquette gives employees and executives the confidence to negotiate the table as well as the deal.

blue_learnmore_WOExecutive Leadership - It’s not enough to be an expert in your field: executive leadership teaches the sophisticated personal skills required for top level success.

blue_learnmore_WOCommunication - Top-level communication skills allow professionals to build and maintain successful client and colleague relationships.

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