College and Beyond

You're on your own, and it's great!

college_girlBut what do you do when your roommate never does the dishes, you don't know what to wear to a job interview, and your friends haven't let you know if they're coming to your big party?

We can show you how to successfully navigate the pleasures and perils of independent life. You can browse the articles and videos below or search our site. It's often the easiest way to find the articles you need.

If you can't find the answer here, our books provide a complete resource for life in college and beyond.


Back to School:

Be school savvy this fall with advice from our summer interns.


Your Place, Your Roomates:

Everything you need to know about making your home-away-from-home as comfortable as possible.


Your Cell:

The essential rules of phone etiquette

Getting a Job:

Learn how to make the best first impression and how to ace an interview.  Take a quiz to learn if you know everything there is to know about job etiquette.


Going Out:

Avoid the awkwardness of deciding who pays for the bill, keep conversations going, ace the "ask out."




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Take a Quiz:

Do you know how to work this life thing? Take Lizzie's quiz and find out how you rate on all things etiquette, including jobs, roommates, friends and more.

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