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Business Networking Skills

Build Relationships in Social Situations

"Great content, especially on cell phones and social events. Very conversational format, easy to ask questions. I was able to relate to the real world sitiations."


Attending a conference, at a chamber mixer, at your company's sponsored event, during a meeting break - everyday you will find yourself in business social situations that can make or break you. Navigating business social situations successfully puts you on the path to success.

Working the room  

  • 3 vital behaviors
  • Small talk tactics
  • Cultivate curiosity
  • How to join a conversation
  • How to leave a conversation
  • Difficult conversations

Food and drink       

  • Managing hors d'oeuvres
  • Why food is never the focus
  • The consumption rule


  • 4 steps to a successful introduction
  • What to do when you forget a name
  • Who to introduce to whom
  • Some is always better than none

The smart networker  

  • Why business social skills matter
  • How to build your network
  • How to keep acquaintances engaged
  • Avoid common networking mistakes

And so much more!


Training Modules


Image and Attire - To achieve career goals and be a professional that everyone holds in the highest esteem, employees and executives need to develop and be aware of their personal brand and professional image.

blue_learnmore_WOBusiness Social - Comprehensive business social and networking skills help professionals to build and maintain successful client and colleague relationships.

blue_learnmore_WODining Etiquette - A lack of polish at the table equates to a lack of professionalism and can cost your company business. Dining etiquette gives employees and executives the confidence to negotiate the table as well as the deal.

blue_learnmore_WOExecutive Leadership - It’s not enough to be an expert in your field: executive leadership teaches the sophisticated personal skills required for top level success.

blue_learnmore_WOCommunication - Top-level communication skills allow professionals to build and maintain successful client and colleague relationships.



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