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Texting Manners

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Billions of text messages are sent each year: They’re fast and relatively inexpensive, depending on the plan.  Even better, you can get a message to someone without having their phone ring at an inopportune time.

Texting Guidelines

  • Don’t use text messages when informing someone of sad news, business matters, or urgent meetings.
  • Be aware—not everyone has unlimited texting as part of their plan.
  • Keep your message brief.
  • Don’t be a pest.
  • Be careful when choosing a recipient from your phone book; a slip of the finger could send the text to a wrong recipient.
  • When you text someone who doesn’t have your number, start by stating who you are.
  • Respond to text messages by texting back or with a phone call.
  • If you receive a text by mistake, respond to the sender with “Sorry, wrong number”.
  • Don’t text at the movies, a play, or a concert.
  • Don’t text anything confidential, private, or potentially embarrassing.
  • Don’t be upset if your text doesn’t get an immediate response, you can’t know for sure when the recipient will read the message.

Text Speak

  • IMHO – In my humble opinion
  • TTYL – Talk to you later
  • IDK – I don’t know
  • BTW – By the way
  • LOL – Laugh out loud
  • CYA – See ya
  • BRB – Be right back
  • J/K – Just kidding
  • OIC – Oh I see
  • THX/TNX – Thanks
  • L8R – Later
  • BFF – Best friends forever
  • ILY – I love you
  • B/C – Because

Q: Do I have to respond to every text?

A: Think of your texting as a conversation: If you would respond in the conversation, then respond in the text.  Texts are such short little informational bursts that it can seem ungainly to have an endless back and forth of “thanks” and “byes.”  A short “TNX” to acknowledge that the message was received is a simple way to end the conversation.



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