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Try leaving it in the car...

Written by Cindy Post Senning


...You might avoid some embarrassing moments!

Have you ever had your cell phone ring when you’re at a concert or in church? Oh my gosh – how embarrassing!

Have you ever checked to see who just sent you a text when you were in a conversation with someone at a social event? How rude could that be?

It is so hard to ignore the signal that you have a call or a text. Who could it be? What important message might you miss? The temptation to answer or, at least , look is great.  I was talking with a friend about this very temptation and she said, “I know – that’s why I just leave my phone in the car!” What a great solution. Remove the temptation! Now if I don’t want to be interrupted or don’t want to risk forgetting to shut it off, I leave my phone in the car.

If I had  teenagers at home, I could set a good example. They might get the message that the person or the event of the moment is more important than a phone call or a text message. Those will wait. That’s why we have voice mail.

So the next time you’re heading into a concert, a movie, or a social event, try leaving your phone in the car. You won’t miss it, I promise!

This article originally appeared as a post on Cindy's parenting blog, The Gift of Good Manners.


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