Business Etiquette Seminar Program Details

Topic areas:

Our programs are fully customizable, and are drawn from the following topic areas:

  • Five steps to resolve conflict
  • Dining etiquette
  • Social media manners
  • Email and text messaging manners
  • Online etiquette
  • Smart phone etiquette
  • Workplace issues
  • How to deal with difficult co-workers
  • Civility statistics
  • International perspectives
  • Hand shaking and introductions
  • Business social etiquette
  • Business travel etiquette
  • Professional image and attire
  • Meeting etiquette
  • Intergenerational communication
  • The 24/7 professional
  • Building a personal brand
Popular program focuses:

Our most popular program focuses include networking, table manners, communications, professional image, and leadership. Click on each to see sample program summaries.













Networking: Build Relationships in Social Situations

"Great content, especially on cell phones and social events. Very conversational format, easy to ask questions. I was able to relate to the real world sitiations."


Attending a conference, at a chamber mixer, at your company's sponsored event, during a meeting break - everyday you will find yourself in business social situations that can make or break you. Navigating business social situations successfully puts you on the path to success.

Working the room

  • 3 vital behaviors
  • Small talk tactics
  • Cultivate curiosity
  • How to join a conversation
  • How to leave a conversation
  • Difficult conversations

Food and drink

  • Managing hors d'oeuvres
  • Why food is never the focus
  • The consumption rule


  • 4 steps to a successful introduction
  • What to do when you forget a name
  • Who to introduce to whom
  • Some is always better than none

The smart networker

  • Why business social skills matter
  • How to build your network
  • How to keep acquaintances engaged
  • Avoid common networking mistakes

And so much more!

Table Manners: It's about the relationships, not the food


"It is hard to explain how desperate we were to get our sales team some help navigating business meals. Emily Post brought just the right blend of old-school tradition, grace, practical business advice and good humor that our team needed to take this training seriously."
Relationship building happens every day in diners, five-star restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. And, unfortunately, every business meal is rife with the potential for disaster. People judge us by which fork we use, whether or not we put our napkin on our lap and how we cut our meat. Emily Post Seminars teach the dining skills professionals need to succeed.


  • Master place settings
  • Placement of napkins, utensils, plates
  • Mechanics of eating and drinking


  • The #1 rule for business dining
  • How to handle difficult topics
  • 3 tiers of polite conversation

Be a good host

  • Extending the invitation
  • Seating plans
  • Choosing venues and menus
  • Managing the unexpected

Be a good guest

  • The importance of RSVP
  • Host(ess) gifts
  • The most common guest mistake
  • Thank you notes: written or email?

And so much more!

Communications: Successful employees are outstanding communicators


"This presentation was very informative for me because I am on the phone for my entire workday. The excellent customer service and professional communication information will definitely help me become a better employee."
Emails, phone calls, in-person conversations, texts, IMs, letters, proposals – everyone is a potential minefield. And in business you can get it right ten times as you build a relationship, but get it wrong just once and that's all the other person remembers. Professionals need outstanding communication skills so they can "get it right" every time.


  • When is email the right choice?
  • "State and ask" method
  • Nuts and bolts
  • The dangers of bcc and when to cc
  • Minimizing "reply all" abuse
  • Turn around time


  • The #1 rule
  • Multitasking and your image


  • Rules for texting: when and where
  • How to ask people to stop
  • Texting and image


  • Why your word choice matters
  • The impact of swearing
  • "Praise, concern, suggestion" method
  • Resolving conflict
  • Non-verbal communication cues
  • Communication & generations

And so much more!

Image: Professional image creates career success


"This presentation was very interesting - everyone enjoyed themselves and were able to learn skills that will help now and in the future. The small group work and personal interaction made the presentation effective and helpful."
"The presenter was such a good example of everything he was teaching."


What do confidence, clothing, body language and grooming have to say about how good we are at our jobs? Much more than we would like to think. In under two seconds of meeting someone, our competence is judged by our superficial appearance. Make sure that your image says what you want people to remember.


  • Business casual vs. busines professional
  • The power of the right wardrobe
  • Age and stage considerations
  • What works for you and your company
  • The rule of "too"
  • Choosing the right flare

Your Brand

  • Understand your communication style
  • Emphasize attributes and decrease limitations
  • Learn the standard of dress that works for you

Your Person

  • Grooming do's and don'ts
  • Handling tatoos, piercing, and body modification
  • How to get help with tough issues

Body Language

  • Conveying confidence
  • When to: stand, shake, sit
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Non-verbal communication cues

And so much more!

Leadership: Successful leaders are relationship experts


"Thank you again for your help with my professional development. I was advised earlier this week that I will be promoted with a pretty significant pay increase. I don't think I could have gotten to this point without your help."

In business you can get it right ten times as you build a relationship, but get it wrong just once and that's all the other person remembers. Emily Post Seminars teach corporate high-potentials and executives the outstanding soft skills they need to get it right every time, including enhanced communication etiquette, networking protocols and professional image.


  • Sartorial coaching
  • How to build an image team
  • Multitasking and your image
  • Assesing bad habits
  • Awareness of strengths and limitations


  • Non-verbal language for conveying confidence
  • Top communication skills for executives
  • How to navigate difficult employee situations


  • The Golden Rule
  • 5 step problem solving process
  • How to approach difficult situations
  • Learn how to show and garner respect
  • How to civilly say no - and get others to say yes


  • 360Reach Assessments
  • Intensive day-long sessions
  • Phone coaching

And so much more!

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