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Great Get-Togethers

Emily Post's Great Get-Togethers

Casual Gatherings and Elegant Parties at Home


In Emily Post's Great Get-Togethers, Anna Post and Lizzie Post show readers exactly how to host a successful gathering of any size -- enjoyably and effortlessly.

The advice of Emily Post has been a party planning staple for decades. Emily Post's Great Get-Togethers takes a modern look at social gatherings. It's aimed at capturing a new generation of experienced and aspiring hosts alike, and it focuses on cultivating a person's signature party style.

Great Get-Togethers is chock-full of original ideas and troubleshooting tips to make any celebration spectacular!

  • How to deal with guests on particular diets (vegetarian/vegan), how long to hold dinner if a guest is late, and what to do if a guest is rude or intoxicated.
  • The importance of ambience -- including thoughts on lighting, flowers, and decorations for everything from casual picnics to fancy holiday parties.
  • Creative culinary concoctions -- including hors d'oeuvres to die for as well as signature cocktails.


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Emily Post's Great Get-Togethers: Casual Gatherings and Elegant Parties at Home


About the Authors

AnnaPost_30Anna Post is the great-great granddaughter of Emily Post and the author of Emily Post's Wedding Parties and Do I Have To Wear White? Emily Post Answers America's Top Wedding Questions. She is a popular presenter of Emily Post Business Etiquette Seminars and writes about etiquette in the 21st century in her blog, "What Would Emily Post Do?" Anna currently lives in Burlington, VT.



LizziePost_30Lizzie Post is the great-great granddaughter of Emily Post. As the author of How Do You Work This Life Thing? Advice for the Newly Independent on Roommates, Jobs, Sex, and Everything That Counts, Lizzie is an in-demand source of modern etiquette advice. Her interviews include The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Times, and others. A graduate of the University of Vermont, she currently lives in Burlington, VT.

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