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Mr. Manners

Lessons from Obama on Civility


Most public figures dread what photographs might reveal about them, but President Obama is one of the exceptions.  His exemplary manners are caught on camera repeatedly enough to clearly be habit and not just for show, providing us with a model for day-to-day civility and graciousness.  After all, manners aren't just for special occasions- although the Obamas attend plenty of those. The best manners come through seamlessly in the little things that make up everyday life.

In Mr. Manners: Lessons from Obama on Civility, author and etiquette maven Anna Post demonstrates that President Obama is more than our political leader—he's also a worthy role model when it comes to good manners.

His intelligence and good looks notwithstanding, there's no doubt President Obama's courteousness played a significant role in his swift and historic rise to the highest office in the land. In Mr. Manners, Post breaks down the president's manners, from the slightest kind gesture to the grandest of considerate deeds, and shows how we can apply such thoughtfulness in our own daily lives.

With photography capturing President Obama committing everyday acts of civility and complemented by Post's fun yet authoritative commentary, Mr. Manners graciously reinforces the case that Emily Post and her descendants have been making for decades: courtesy is in our nation's best interest.

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Mr. Manners: Lessons from Obama on Civility

About the Author

AnnaPost_cropped_color_150x150_118x118Anna Post is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the author of Emily Post's Wedding Parties. She speaks at bridal venues across the country, providing wedding etiquette advice. She also conducts business etiquette seminars for major corporations. A columnist for and Inside Weddings, she lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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