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Do I Have to Wear White?


"I can't choose between my two best friends. Can I have two maids of honor?"

"Do we have to invite our guests' children to our wedding?"

"My parents are divorced and each has remarried. Where do they sit in church?"

"Do I have to wear white?"

Do I Have to Wear White? draws on the Posts' extensive database of wedding questions received through their Web site, as well as popular topics addressed in their columns. For busy engaged couples and their families, attendants, and guests, this book provides at-a-glance answers to everything from essential bridal basics to the knotty logistical questions that spring up around this joyous—yet often complex—event.

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Do I Have To Wear White?: Emily Post Answers America's Top Wedding Questions

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AnnaPost_cropped_color_72dpiAbout the Author

Anna Post is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the author of Emily Post's Wedding Parties. She speaks at bridal venues across the country, providing wedding etiquette advice. She also conducts business etiquette seminars for major corporations. A columnist for and Inside Weddings, she lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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