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  • Learn skills and techniques you need to succeed in the workplace.
  • Navigate the difficult situations you will encounter in business.
  • Start off on the right foot.

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  • Set the tone for success.
  • Foster and enhance professionalism through business etiquette and relationship building.
  • Refresh skills for personal growth and mentoring.
  • Get a complete package with modules, leader's guide and professional development articles.

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"The Emily Post training was very informative. I thought it was a great reminder of how to present a professional image both in and out of the workplace. As part of my orientation process I watched several different presentations and the Emily Post lessons were definitely the most entertaining and easy to follow. The lessons were enthusiastic and the material made me think of ways I can improve my personal image. Thank you for the great presentations!" 

- C. Olden, University of Vermont Technical Services

Available Courses


Emily Post’s Business Etiquette E-Learning



Inspire positive change in your company with Business Etiquette

Set the tone for success by fostering and enhancing professionalism through business etiquette and relationship building. Whle the series introduces business etiquette skills for employees at all levels, it also  benefits managers and other professionals who are looking to refresh their skills for personal growth and mentoring.

Each of the modules focus on a specific area of business life: Written communication, Verbal communication, Workplace standards, Meetings, Professional image, Business social, Top ten dining tips, 24/7 professional

Each lesson is ten to twelve minutes in length. The lessons can be watched individually or taken as a complete course. The entire program can be integrated into a company’s LMS and is SCORM compliant. Learn more >

Emily Post’s Business Dining Etiquette Essentials


What are the ten most important things to know when you go out for a business meal?

You’re invited to a business dinner with your boss and a major client. How can you make the best impression possible? Which of all the many table manners really makes a difference? Etiquette expert Peter Post, coauthor of The Etiquette Advantage in Business, 3rd edition, presents the top ten table manners to be especially aware of as you attend that lunch or dinner. Learn more >

Emily Post's Business Etiquette For The Workplace

Workplace Title Slide

What to do and how to do it to build successful relationships at work.

Throughout the day you interact with a bosses, colleagues, clients and prospects. From the moment you walk in the door in the morning to that important client meeting, knowing how to handle all the situations you encounter will help you be more successful.

The Etiquette in the Workplace E-Learning course provides advice on those everyday questions like: "Do you say good morning to each person at the start of the day?" to helping you resolve difficult conumdrums like "I love my job, but I hate my boss. What do I do?" Learn more >

Emily Post's Communication Etiquette For Better Business

Communications Title Slide

From smart phones to email, communicating effectively is a necessity in today's business world.

Everything about effective communications in one course. Written communications focuses on the critically important etiquette of email as well as providing tips for texting and online communications like tweets. Voice communications section focuses on how your voice affects how people hear you and on ways to use your smart phone without negatively impacting people around you or disturbing others in a meeting with you. Learn more >

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Etiquette Experts for the 21st Century.

The Emily Post Institute has acted as a social barometer in America for almost 100 years, tracking evolving standards in behavior and etiquette. We maintain a 25 book collection, columns in Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Inside Weddings. The Emily Post Institute also partners with businesses and non-profit organizations to bring etiquette and manners to a wide audience though a variety of mediums. There are currently two generations and nine direct descendants and their immediate family involved with The Emily Post Institute. Learn more >



About the Presenter: Peter Post

Peter brings style and humor to E-Learning.


Peter Post is one of Emily Post's four great-grandchildren. He is also the co-author of The Etiquette Advantage in Business and the creator and principle presenter of the Emily Post Business Etiquette Seminars. He presents seminars nationally and internationally. Peter also writes the Boston Globe's weekly business etiquette column, "Etiquette at Work," which is distributed nationally and internationally by the New York Times Syndicate. Learn more >


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