Inspiration, etiquette, and advice for everyday.

Etiquette is a code of behavior based on treating others with honesty, respect, and consideration. This finds its way into every interaction we have, from planning a party or calculating a tip to writing a thank-you note or taking a cell phone call in public (or not!).


Technology's great. We love it! Emily Post would have owned an iPad the very first day it was available. When you use your cell phone, iPhone, BlackBerry or smart phone, be polite! When you write, email or text, think before you send! Apply a little common sense to the use of your cool tech tools and you'll be an etiquette superstar. Check out our advice on cell phones, email, cyber bullying and more!


Visit our entertaining section, where you'll find information about guests and hosts and invitations. Do you know how to set the table? Check out our table setting guides, which give you step-by-step instructions on how to set a formal, informal and basic or everyday table. Or watch our videos: Lizzie shows how to set the table family style and Tricia shows how to set the table for a holiday. Do you know what to wear to a party where the dress code is dressy casual? Find the answer in our attire guide.


Manners come to mind throughout the holiday season. There's gifts to give, parties to plan and attend, holiday cards to send out and service providers to tip. Even at the office, there are special situations that arise during the holiday season-should you get your boss a gift? Do you have to attend the holiday office party? Visit our Holidays & Celebrations page where you'll find etiquette advice on gift giving, holiday party planning, and even regifting!


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