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Business Dining Etiquette

It's about the relationships, not the food

"It is hard to explain how desperate we were to get our sales team some help navigating business meals. Emily Post brought just the right blend of old-school tradition, grace, practical business advice and good humor that our team needed to take this training seriously."
Relationship building happens every day in diners, five-star restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. And, unfortunately, every business meal is rife with the potential for disaster. People judge us by which fork we use, whether or not we put our napkin on our lap and how we cut our meat. Emily Post Seminars teach the dining skills professionals need to succeed.


  • Master place settings
  • Placement of napkins, utensils, plates
  • Mechanics of eating and drinking


  • The #1 rule for business dining
  • How to handle difficult topics
  • 3 tiers of polite conversation

Be a good host  

  • Extending the invitation
  • Seating plans
  • Choosing venues and menus
  • Managing the unexpected

Be a good guest 

  • The importance of RSVP
  • Host(ess) gifts
  • The most common guest mistake
  • Thank you notes: written or email?

And so much more!

Training Modules


Image and Attire - To achieve career goals and be a professional that everyone holds in the highest esteem, employees and executives need to develop and be aware of their personal brand and professional image.

blue_learnmore_WOBusiness Social - Comprehensive business social and networking skills help professionals to build and maintain successful client and colleague relationships.

blue_learnmore_WODining Etiquette - A lack of polish at the table equates to a lack of professionalism and can cost your company business. Dining etiquette gives employees and executives the confidence to negotiate the table as well as the deal.

blue_learnmore_WOExecutive Leadership - It’s not enough to be an expert in your field: executive leadership teaches the sophisticated personal skills required for top level success.

blue_learnmore_WOCommunication - Top-level communication skills allow professionals to build and maintain successful client and colleague relationships.



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