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National Etiquette Week

National Etiquette Week


This Week We Celebrate Consideration, Respect and Honesty

The Emily Post Institute's Schedule For National Etiquette Week

Monday, May 14: Pregnancy Etiquette In The 21st Century

Peter Post's Essential Manners For Men Tips Of The Day:

Communication Etiquette: Telephone tips

When talking on the phone:

  • Don’t multitask.
  • Don’t chew gum or eat.
  • Turn off radios and other sound devices.
  • Don’t sneeze, cough or blow your nose into the receiver.
  • Set the receiver down gently.
  • Don’t engage in subterfuges like having a colleague listen in on the call.
  • Don’t interrupt someone who is one the phone with someone else.

Tuesday, May 15: Men's Manners: How People View Us

Peter Post's Essential Manners For Men Tips Of The Day:

Gym Etiquette: Respecting the rules

  • Follow time limits and schedules for all machines.  
  • Start on time and end on time.Don’t monopolize the machines.  Don’t use them as spare seats, and don’t stand around them while talking to your buddies.
  • Make sure you wipe down your machine after use.
  • Despite what some magazines say, the gym is not the place to hit on someone.Know the difference between a look and a stare.  Avoid the latter.

Wednesday, May 16: Wedding Registry Etiquette

Peter Post's Essential Manners For Men Tips Of The Day:

How To Be A Good Guest: Five tips

  • R.S.V.P. Tell your host whether you can attend, and do so immediately.
  • Be on time: Do not arrive early or more than fifteen minutes late.
  • Offer to help when you can.
  • Don’t overindulge: whether it is the pate or the cabernet.
  • Thank the host twice: on your way out the door and with a phone call or a written note the next day.

Thursday, May 17: Etiquette For Your iPad

Peter Post's Essential Manners For Men Tips Of The Day:

from Essential Manners For Men

How To Be A Good Host: Six tips

  • Greet guests when they arrive.
  • Circulate among your guests, introduce strangers, and stay long enough to get a conversation started.
  • Keep an eye on your guests and offer to refill drinks as needed.
  • Balance the need to cook with taking care of your guests, so keep your menu simple.
  • Thank each guest for coming when they prepare to depart.

Friday, May 18: Thank-you Notes




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