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Do People Expect You to Have Perfect Manners?

Written by Cindy Post Senning

Just Because We Write About it, Doesn't Mean We're Perfect!

18th-Edition-Cover-WOAt first people do expect us to have perfect manners – whatever that is! If one of us picks up the wrong utensil, everyone at the table gets a big kick out of it. They are not laughing at us. They are just recognizing that we really are human and approachable. Everyone makes mistakes, even manners writers.

The thing we worry about is that others think they have to be perfect because they are out to dinner with us and we must be judging them all the time. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Actually, our goal is to put others at ease so they can enjoy their meal and our company. Now that is really what good manners are about and that is what we try to do with perfection (even though we do still miss the boat sometimes).



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