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Good Hygiene Always Equals Good Manners

Written by Cindy Post Senning

Hand Washing as a Preventative Measure

I thought I would add my voice to the many that are calling for excellent hand washing as a defense against the spread of H1N1 (Swine) Flu or any flu for that matter.  Over the past few weeks several of us have responded to questions and interview requests asking if we should forgo shaking hands during the flu season and asking if there are other “germ spread prevention” manners. We say, “Good hygiene is always good manners.” Wash your hands often, use a handkerchief or tissue when you cough, dispose of tissues in the wastebasket, don’t share lollipops, catch a sudden sneeze in your elbow, and, let me say it again – wash your hands often!

Teach even your toddlers to wash well.

  1. EM_goodhygiene_WOWet your hands with warm water.
  2. Soap up!
  3. Rub your hands together, in between your fingers, and all around the back of your hands, too.
  4. Continue the washing for as long as it takes to sing Jingle Bells.
  5. Rinse well.
  6. Dry your hands.

Here's a great video to show your toddlers. It has some new words to the tune of Jingle Bells.  Enjoy and learn good manners at the same time!



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