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Everyday Resources



Here are some great resources to answer your questions on forms of address, appropriate dress, invitations, and wedding budgeting.

"How should I address a foreign ambassador?"

"What should I wear to an event that is black tie optional?"

"What is the proper way to eat an avocado?"

We've got your answers!



Social Names and Titles

If you've ever been called Mrs. when you're a Miss, Jack instead of Jake, or Pastor when you should have properly be addressed as Father, you know how important it is to get names and titles right. Not only has your identity been misconstrued, but the person responsible feels embarrassed when she learns of her error. Here's a link to some articles that will ensure you always know the proper title to use.

Official Forms of Address

At one time or another, nearly every one of us meets or has to write a letter to someone officially - a senator, a judge, or perhaps a clergyman or professor - and the last thing we want to do is address the person improperly. We've provided you with articles that any question you might have regarding forms of address, whether it be a written address, salutation, spoken greeting, or formal introduction. Should the occasion arise when you need to address an official overseas, a telephone call to that country's embassy will provide you with the correct information. 

Your Personal Image

It's no secret that in twenty-first-century America, casual has trumped more formal ways of dressing. But even in this more laid back world, "casual" should never be sloppy. The clothes we wear and the way we groom ourselves represent how we choose to present ourselves to others and reflect the importance we assign to the occasion. This resource provides you with some further guidelines regarding what to wear and when.

Invitations and Announcements

Invitations and announcements make an important first impression on the guests for your event. It lets them known if they are in more a laid back afternoon of football and beer, a dinner party with neighbors, or a much more formal night of wine and gourmet dining. To help you make this first impression great, here are some great articles on invitations and announcements.

Guide to Food and Drink

We've all faced unfamiliar or hard-to-eat foods, or wondered whether the way we eat a particular food at home "isn't done" in public. What you do depends on the situation. With friends, don't be embarrassed to say, "I've never eaten escargot before. Please show me how." If you're at a formal function or among strangers, just delay eating until you can take a cue from your host or from other diners. Reviewing our guidelines will keep you from wondering how to serve or how to eat "tricky" foods.

Wedding Budget Planning

A realistic budget is a must-do in the early stages of planing a wedding and can really help smooth out problems and minimize stress in the later stages of planning. The link above provides you with articles to help with all stages of you wedding planning. You can also download a copy of our Budget Planner, found in the Resource section of the 18th Edition of Emily Post's Etiquette.




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