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Mom vs. Stepmom

How Do I Handle Seating When the Moms Are Not on Good Terms?

momvstepmom_WOIt's prudent to think about this before the rehearsal dinner so that you can give divorces parents specific seating instructions in advance.Traditionally the bride's mother and her husband sit in the front row (if the bride is much closer to her father, he and his wife may sit there). Members of the mother's immediate family sit behind her, in the next one or two rows. After escorting the bride down the aisle, her father should sit with his wife in the next row back.

If emotions are especially raw, the stepmother may wish to sit even further back. If you plan ahead for the reception, you can make it easy for your mom and stepmother to avoid interacting. Assigning them to tables at opposite ends of the room is a good start.

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