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Forms of Address

sec.image.formsofaddress.125x125.jpg Titles are used differently across the country and around the world. In some places they are used in common interactions while in others they are reserved for formal addresses. Whether or not you personally associate with a title, using the proper names and titles for the people with whom you come into contact is a primary way of showing them consideration and respect. Social and professional titles are an essential part of our personal identities, and therefore it is especially important to use them properly. In this section, we'll explore the protocol for address and correspondence as well as the framework within which certain titles are used. For more information, see our Social Names and Titles section.



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    Whether it is a written correspondence, a face-to-face conversation or an introduction, being aware of a person's title shows respect for place and time. Some titles are earned by hard work, some connote age; and just as using the proper one is respectful, using the wrong one can seem discourteous. Titles are not universally utilized, but it is best to be prepared with an appropriate choice when addressing someone.


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