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Image Consulting Programs

Business Professional Image Trainings

It’s never too soon – or too late - to solidify your professional image. This half-day of training (up to four hours) includes dynamic presentation and activities to build self-awareness of your own credibility and promotability, body language, and business social and dining etiquette and business dress (appropriateness, fit, color). This education can also take place in a coaching format with pre-work, one-on-one tailored content for up to eight hours, and post-consulting.

Executive Image: Personal Branding Program

If you are a senior-level professional looking to enhance your image or a middle manager looking to move into the executive suite, now is the time to examine your brand. In this two to four hour session, we will assess your professional presence through your visual impact, attributes and limitations. We will help you create your image story. Optional add-on modules can include business dress, fit details, non-verbal communication and civility training. This education can also take place in a coaching format with pre-work, one-on-one tailored content for up to eight hours, and post-consulting.

Conflic Resolution with Civility

Program participants learn how to affectively communicate to build relationships. Attendees learn their communication styles, attributes and limitations; become aware of assertive and appropriate verbal and non-verbal language; practice giving and receiving input; problem-solve difficult communication situations; practice active listening techniques; and become confident with meeting participation. Intergenerational misunderstandings and communication differences can also be addressed. And, because this is an Emily Post Seminar, participants will learn how to be professional, assertive, confident and civil – because communication is about building relationships, not tearing them down.

Telling Your Story Through Your Style

This program is designed for employees who need to increase awareness of personal appearance. This seminar includes modules on levels of business/casual dress; color, fit and coordination; communication; body language; and workplace etiquette.

Tailored Image Training

Any combination of the above modules can be built and tailored for your professionals. Speeches, two-hour workshops, four-hour seminars and full-day trainings can all be developed for

  • Front-line staff and administrative professionals
  • Leadership employees
  • Sales Professionals
  • Intergenerational audiences
  • New Hires

One-on-One Image Coaching

•    In-depth and personalized coaching tailored to the professional
•    Full-day option with follow-up coaching (10-hours) or phone coaching
•    Workbook, tip cards, color-swatches and other materials

Image materials licensed by London Image Institute; Etiquette materials The Emily Post Institute.

Dawn Stanyon



Dawn is a certified Image and Professional Development Consultant. A graduate of The Emily Post Institute, the London Image Institute, 360Reach Brand Analyst training and WSET Level 1 wine certificaiton, Dawn's focus is on empowering people to reach professional success. As Director of Sales at The Emily Post Institute, she has worked with the Post family for six years. Prior to Emily Post, she was a non-profit director of development and community relations, a PR and fundraising consultant, and a graduate of the University of Vermont. Follow Dawn's Professionality blog for tips on professional dress, personal development and workplace inspiration.



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