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Relationships are at the core of business success. Manners and etiquette have a profound effect on the establishment and development of those relationships. This section is devoted to the issues around applying for a job.  The relationships that matter at this point are the ones you develop with the people responsible for helping you get the job. Your personal resume may get you in the door; but how will the people who recommend a particular job see you, how will the people who interview you respond to you, and how will the people you suggest for references represent both your skills and your character? All are critical to your success in landing a job.


  • The Job Search   ( 5 Articles )

    It can be a big scary world in which to secure a job. Contacting references, compiling a resume or portfolio, searching and traveling - it's a time-consuming process! Finding that job depends on your ability to network, and this involves building and maintaining relationships with a variety of people. Communicating clearly and effectively is necessary during this process, as well as taking the time to edit your resume and cover letter. You often have only a few moments to hold someone's attention so be sure that you are ready to do so!

  • The Job Interview   ( 6 Articles )

    The primary event of the job search is the interview. This is your chance to apply your good manners and connect with a potential future employer, presenting yourself as the most qualified person for the job. The more prepared you are to speak eloquently about your life - your experiences, challenges and successes - the more likely you are prove yourself worthy of taking on the tasks within a workplace.


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