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If you spend the holiday season stressed out and over scheduled, chances are you’re not convinced that it's “the most wonderful time of the year.” Long shopping lines, not-so-foolproof cookie recipes, family drama, and the stress of holiday travel can leave anyone feeling like the Grinch.

This holiday, whether it's family or a stanger, meet rudeness with patience and kindness. You'll feel better, and you might even change the other person's mood.

Don’t worry about making the holidays live up to nostalgic expectations. You don’t have to strive for perfection or transform your home into a Rockwell portrait to have a meaningful holiday. Remember, one of the best gifts is the gift of your time, so spend time with those you love. Keep things simple and try to focus on the traditions that mean the most to you and your family. How? We’ll show you!

Holiday Entertaining

Holiday Party Planning

Holiday Invitations

Holiday Host

Holiday Houseguests

Holiday Table Setting Made Easy Video

Here's to....Making a Holiday Toast

Entertaining and Visiting During the Holidays: FAQs

Little Chocolate Spice Cake Recipe

Dan and Cindy's Icebox Cake Recipe


Holiday Greetings

Family Holiday Newsletters

Holiday Notes and Cards

Holiday Thank-Yous



Travel in the 21st Century




Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette

Holiday Tipping

Tip vs. Gift at the Holidays

What to Give to Whom


The Etiquette of Exchanging a Gift

Peggy's Top Five Tips for Stress-Free Gift Giving

10 Tips for Holiday Shopping


Holidays at the Office

How to Tranform Office Wear into Holiday Party Chic

How to Survive the Holiday Office Party

Corporate Gift Giving

The Workplace and the Holidays: FAQs


Kids & Holidays

Five-Step Holiday Manners Makeover for Kids






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