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Use the total you just calculated to see if you know how to work this life thing!



Ever seen the movie Clueless? Because you are! You need major help learning how to deal with the people in your life and their actions. Stop being a doormat, and stand up for yourself. Have no fear my book is here! It will help you master the important 3Cs: communication, compromise and commitment.



Newsflash: It's not all about you! It's good to state your opinion—you’re not afraid to tell it like it is—but man, it's time to hone your communication skills. You get it right on occasion, but you still need the book!



How’d you get an advance copy? Congratulations! You're pretty good at communicating your thoughts. You understand that by doing it with a little tact, honesty and understanding you can handle any situation with grace and style. Now go tell your friends that you rock—and that they need to buy the book!




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