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Emily Post Image and Professional Development Programs




Confident, dynamic, approachable.

Credible, efficient, trustworthy.

Considerate, respectful, honest.






"I just wanted to thank you again for your help with my professional development.  I was advised earlier this week that on January first I will be promoted with a pretty significant pay increase. I don’t think I could have gotten to this point without your help so again … thank you."

The two-second rule: People make an immediate and lasting assessment of you in the time it takes to snap your fingers. What three attributes do managers, peers, colleagues, clients, family and friends see in you? And is there a disconnect between how you see yourself and how others see you?

Your image is not determined just by what you wear or your current hairstyle. No matter your job, location or situation in life, your consistent image is your personal brand. Once determined and understood, it is a standard that you should never fall below. Emily Post Image and Professional Development Programs help you develop your own story and provide you with the self-awareness and confidence to succeed in the job you have today and the career you want in the future.



Our program offerings include:

  • New Hire/New Manager Image Trainings

  • Executive Image: Personal Branding Program

  • Telling Your Story Through Your Style

  • Tailored Image Training

  • One-on-One Image Coaching


(Image materials licensed by London Image Institute; Etiquette materials The Emily Post Institute).


Coachings and trainings are lead by Emily Post's certified Professional Image Consultant Dawn Stanyon. Read Dawn's recent articles on image-related topics and follow her blog Professionality: Professionalism + Personality.

Click here to browse all of Dawn's articles on image, brand, and professionalism.


"Dawn's presentation was very interesting - everyone enjoyed themselves and were able to actually learn skills that will help us now and in the future. The small group work and personal interaction made the presentation effective and helpful. Dawn is a great presentor!"


Dawn Stanyon, AICI FLC



Dawn is a Professional Image Consultant with a focus on empowering people to reach professional success no matter their career age and stage. Dawn is a graduate of The Emily Post Institute, the London Image Institute, 360Reach Brand Analyst training, WSET Level 1 wine certification, and has received a First Level Certification through the Association of Image Consultants International. As Director of Sales & Relationships at The Emily Post Institute, she has worked with the Post family for six years. Prior to Emily Post, she was a non-profit director of development and community relations, a PR and fundraising consultant, and a graduate of the University of Vermont. Follow Dawn's Professionality blog for tips on professional dress, personal development and workplace inspiration.










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