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Welcome to The Emily Post Institute Social Media and Blogging Home. We invite you to join the conversation.


Ask your etiquette question on our blog - The Etiquette Daily

Visit The Emily Post Institute hosted EtiquetteDaily.com. You can ask your own etiquette question in the comments of the most recent Open Thread.  Type your question in the comments and come back later to see what answers the Post family or community members suggest. Every day, community moderator Daniel Post Senning chooses a new etiquette question representative of those being heard at the institute and posts an answer on the front page. You can also search a growing archive of past questions organized by category.



Advice, Tips, and Resources for Parents blog - The Gift of Good Manners

Cindy Post Senning Ed. D. hosts this blog about teaching etiquette to children of all ages.

  • Are you worried about a child who seems to be growing out of his or her good behavior?
  • Are you curious about when and how to teach your pea-throwing toddler proper table manners?
  • How do you deal with the bully in your child's play group?

Cindy and Peggy bring years of experience as educators and parents to their work teaching developmentally appropriate social skills to children, adolescents, and teens. Their practical, down-to-earth approach could change the way you think about etiquette.





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