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On a Bike: Good Manners and Safe Practices!
Written by Cindy Post Senning  

One of my favorite things about good manners is that they often lead to safe practice.

The converse is also true. Safe practice is actually good etiquette because it shows respect and consideration for others. Think about biking. There are four kids riding their bikes to the local pool:

HF_onabike_WOIf they travel four abreast, they may cause a car to swerve around them creating an unsafe situation either for the car or for the bikers. It’s both good manners and safe practice to ride single file when on public streets.

They should let those riding with them or driving on the same streets know what they are doing. It’s both good manners and safe practice to signal your intentions (turns and stops) to others who are sharing the road with you.

They should use a bell to signal the other bikers when they are passing so the other biker doesn’t swing out and into them or they don’t startle her. It’s both good manners and safe practice to let someone know you are overtaking them.

They should always follow the same rules of the road that cars follow: stop at stop signs; ride on the right hand side of the road; walk their bikes across the highway at traffic lights; and avoid riding the wrong way down a one-way street. It’s both good manners and safe practice to follow the rules of the road.

Always wear your helmet. It’s good manners simply because it’s the right and safe thing to do!