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The Horn Has Many Voices

Your vehicle's horn is an important warning device that is there to be used.  The secret is to use it in the right way.

  • HF_thehorn_WOA succession of short, light beeps lets someone know you're saying hi.
  • A quick little beep gives another driver a quick heads-up that you're there.
  • A slightly louder, slightly longer beep conveys a more assertive message: Hey, the light's been green for ten seconds! or,  Yo, watch it!
  • A longer blast from the horn, repeated several times, is usually an impatient driver: Come on, let's go!
  • A long, unremitting blast obviously is saying, I'm P.O.'d and I'm letting you and everyone in the world know it - which also shows that I've lost control.

When you start taking your frustration out by using you horn, it's a sign that you've crossed a line.  To cure horn-itis, make a conscious effort to use your horn the right way - to let someone know what's happening on the road - and learn to exercise a little patience.  



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