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Tips for Hospital Visits

There are certain practices that are important to keep in mind when visiting someone in the hospital.

Here are some tips for a positive visit:
  • during_your_visit_hospitalOn your way to the patient's room, stop by the nurses' station and ask if it is alright to proceed to the patient's room
  • First and foremost, be yourself! (Even though you may not be used to seeing this person in a medical environment, the patient will want you to interact with him or her the way you usually would)
  • Stay upbeat, if you're bringing news from the outside world, keep it positive
  • Always knock at a closed door, and if a health care professional comes into the room while you are visiting, ask if you should step out to give the patient privacy
  • If you have to use a restroom, go to a public one on the premises (Don't presume to use the patient's bathroom)


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