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Treat Hospital Patients with Respect

People in the hospital should be treated with utmost respect by their visitors. Consider these suggestions:

  • HF_treathospitalpatients_WOLeave your phone in the car or turned off (Don't text or tweet during a visit)
  • If on a longer visit, make it clear that the patient doesn't need to entertain you; express that you're happy to spend a few hours with them just watching TV or reading a book
  • Try not to linger in ward hallways or in front of other patients' doorways while carrying on conversations
  • Avoid eating in the patient's room, as food odors may linger or make the patient nauseous
  • Avert your eyes from patients in other rooms so they don't feel like you're staring at them
  • If you're visiting someone in a semi-private room, keep your voice low and your visit brief