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How to Help When Someone is in the Hospital

Thoughtful Gestures

We're often struck by an urge to "do something" when we hear about a friend, colleague or family member who is in in the hospital. That urge can turn to inaction when we're not sure what's permissible or acceptable to do. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • flowers_thoughtful_gesturesFreshen up a hospital room with flowers (Make sure they're not a pollen-spreading kind)
  • Bring in crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, books, CDs, or the patients favorite board game
  • Offer to do personal laundry for the patient or the other people in his or her household
  • Make a special meal to bring to other visitors who are spending all their time at the hospital
  • Bring food or treats to the nursing station to show appreciation
  • Offer to run errands or handle chores such as lawn care or snow removal for the patient


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