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This section is devoted to being successful with colleagues, customers, vendors, and clients. The workplace brings different experiences, requires different talents and puts you in association with people you might not otherwise choose to be with. Relationships are at the core of business success. Manners and etiquette have a profound effect on the establishment and development of those relationships. In your social life you can make choices regarding who you have relationships with. At work you spend hours with people you might otherwise never see as friends. You share common work-related goals with them, and your ability to work with them will influence your success at your job. If things get difficult it may be critical that you find a way to solve problems. Etiquette offers you tools that can smooth the way, can prevent difficulties from reaching the point where they threaten success, and can help you solve problems when you need to. In this section we’ll identify those skills and suggest ways to use them.


  • Office Issues   ( 18 Articles )

    Successful employment requires that you perform as expected, practice common courtesies, and solve problems as they arise. The office environment functions best when employees are respectful and considerate of each other and the workplace. This ranges from not eating someone's lunch out of the fidge, to avoiding office gossip, to communicating respectfully to co-workers.

  • Workplace Relationships   ( 21 Articles )

    Because so much time is spent with fellow associates at work, it is imperative that you are aware of your reactions, always choosing to treat others with consideration, respect, and honesty. "Treat others the way you wish to be treated" is something we learn early on, and it still applies. Respecting rank, dealing with conflicts, and taking responsibility are all part of maintaining positive workplace relationships.

  • Clients, Customers, Vendors, and Contractors   ( 10 Articles )

    Representing yourself and your company is a constant responsibility. No matter whether you are one personel in a large company or the owner of a small business, your efforts are represented in your actions. Talking on the phone, sending letters and emails, and face-to-face interactions should all be approached with equal civility. Dealing positively with people outside of your business will directly affect your success as an employee or employer.

  • The Social Side of Business   ( 14 Articles )

    The social component of business should not be underestimated. Some days may feel that they are filled only with paperwork and lists, but there are elements of even these that require compassion and patience. A work place is a delicate environment, and office parties, business lunches, and other gatherings are times when respectful manners still apply.


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