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Packing for Business Travel

OJ_packing_WOTrouble-Free Clothing

Pick out clothes in your wardrobe that are best suited to business travel. They should be lightweight (unless the climate dictates otherwise), wrinkle-resistant, and stylish but not flashy.

  • Choose washable shirts or blouses.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, but take along a better pair for business meetings and evenings. Leave the sneakers at home.
  • Pack enough underwear and sock or panty hose for each day; don't rely on having the time to rinse out small items at night.
  • Make sure you have everything you need in your cosmetic or shaving kit; unlike leisure travelers, business travelers often can't afford the time to buy items they forgot.
  • If exercise is part of your daily routine, pack your swimsuit or workout gear; a hotel that offers exercise and sport facilities will provide towels at the gym or pool.
  • Pack a collapsible umbrella.

What to wear on a plane? Both men and women may be tempted to don jeans and sneakers for the flight, especially since they know they'll be squeezed into a tight seat and could run into delays. Just remember, airlines cater to business travelers. Look the part by dressing appropriately, and you may find you get an added measure of service. Also, by dressing in business casual for travel, if a checked bag is lost, you won't have to arrive at a meeting looking as if you've just come from mowing the lawn or shopping for groceries.


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