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Gender and Business

OJ_gender_WOBusiness Etiquette is Gender Neutral

Today, work environments are filled with both men and women working side by side. With the significant rise of women in the workplace, also comes a new set of social concerns. While it's always a good idea to check first, here's a list of general guidelines for everyday situations.

Holding a door. Whoever arrives at the door first holds it for others.

Getting off an elevator. The person closest to the door exits first

Paying for a meal. Today, whoever does the inviting pays for the meal.

Standing. Male or female, standing to greet someone is always polite. This is especially important when the person is of higher rank or a client.

Shaking hands. Today, a man does not need to wait for a woman to offer her hand before he extends his. Whether you are a man or a woman, always remember to shake hands!

Helping to carry something. Everyone appreciates some help when they are overloaded with books or packages. Regardless of your gender, lend your co-workers a helping hand when they are in need.


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