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Social Networking and Dining Etiquette Seminar for the University of Connecticut School of Business


Daniel Post Senning presents selected business etiquette content from the Emily Post Institute Business Etiquette Seminar program April 6th, 2011 at the University of Connecticut School of Business.

This one and a half hour event was hosted at the historic UCONN library and was sponsored by Pepperidge Farm. Daniel spoke on the topic of Etiquette in America, focusing on social networking and dining skills for business social situations.


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Building Successful Relationships


Due to the length of the program, for best results please allow time for a complete download before searching past the buffer.

You can also watch at the UCONN vimeo channel UCSPAN -


Sample Slides Gallery:

Video Index:

Presenter Introduction (What is Etiquette?)  -  begins @ 7min 10sec

Introductions (shaking hands, order of introduction)  - begins @ 16min 10sec

Networking (talking to strangers, conversation concepts, network building, hors d'oevres)  - begins @  25min 10sec

Thank-You Notes and etiquette situation problem solving (verbal, email, written)  - begins @  43min 30sec

Discussion of Mix and Mingle assignments  -  begins @ 55min 07sec

Table Manners (guest and host roles, table setting, holding utensils)  -  begins @ 1:06min 32sec

Conclusion and Thank-You  -  begins @ 1:25min 15sec