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Cool Tools For Presentations

41m21qlrvuL._SL500_AA300_We all want to look like pros when presenting – whether we’re briefing a room full of colleagues on the budget or giving a keynote at a conference. Here are a few tools that Emily Post staff like:

Sadun’s Whiteboard (for iPad)

Flip charts are old school. This electronic whiteboard app can be projected to an external TV or projection screen. You can use different pen colors and marker widths, and it's even possible to add photos. Then you can save and send what you create. $2.99. 

Wear a jacket!

Donning a tailored second layer kicks your professional look up a notch. Of course, you always need to be aware of the corporate culture in which you are presenting, but rarely is it inappropriate to wear a jacket that fits you to a T. Men: Make sure the shoulders fit and that the sleeves aren’t too long – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your dad’s jacket. Women: Wear a neutral or dark color to show you mean business. 

Smart water bottle (Camelbak)

We all get parched when we present. This limited edition .6L water Camelbak water bottle has a filter system to make the water taste great. Even better, with every purchase $10 goes towards the work of Water.org, which brings safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. $25.00. 

Presentation Remote (Logitec)

We all have one primary criteria as far as wireless pointing tools go: they have to work when we need them. It’s that simple. This Logitec R400 version feels good in the hand, you can roam up to 50 feet away, and it has the fun laser pointer so you can entertain your cat. $38.00 (Always carry extra batteries!)



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