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Make Someone's Day

Written by Cindy Post Senning

It's not that difficult to do!

OA_makesomones_WOI try to ride the commuter bus to work at least once a week. It is a new, very comfortable bus with a total of five stops. I get on at the second stop and ride to the end. It’s a forty minute ride. For the first time this morning I got on and there were NO seats left. That has never happened. Then – a voice from the rear of the bus – “Cindy, Cindy – come back here.” A man I serve on a board with gave me his seat! Oh my gosh – it made my day. I am perfectly capable of standing and would not have expected that of anyone and definitely would not have been upset if I had to stand for the ride, but it was so-o-o-o nice.

How easy it can be to make someone’ s day. Try it. Everybody wins!



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