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Borrowing and Lending


Borrowing and Lending

It's neighborly to be generous, but frequent borrowers soon become neighborhood pests. While it's preferable not to borrow from neighbors, follow these etiquette principles if you do.



Ask for the item but don't persist. If your neighbor says "no" or seems at all reluctant, drop the matter with a polite "I understand."

Give a time when you will return the item, and be punctual. If the lender says she needs the item back by a certain time, don't abuse her trust.

Return the item in at least as good condition as when you borrowed it. Refill the tank before you put the mower back. When "borrowing" a carton of milk or a can of motor oil, replace it exactly - same brand and quantity.

Repair, replace, or pay for anything that's damaged, broken, or lost. Don't just tell your neighbor what happened (or worse, ignore the whole thing) and expect him to let the matter slide.



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