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When You're Late...

My boss asked me to handle a last minute task, and this caused me to arrive after the feature film started. Then the next night I got stuck in traffic and was late for a concert. What can I do in these situations?

OA_whenyourelate_WOYou may be able to slip in and stand or find a seat in the back of the theater; some establishments allow only back-of-the-theater sitting or standing until intermission. Before trekking down the aisle, take a few moments to adjust to the low light; then scan for a convenient seat. Other patrons will appreciate your not stumbling over them.

If there's an usher, allow him or her to seat you. For live performances, theaters often have a policy of not letting anyone enter except during a scene change, a break between musical numbers, or intermission. These rules are intended primarily for the benefit of the performers.