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End of Summer Tipping Guide

Don’t forget everyone who has made your summer more enjoyable…

Au pair or daily babysitter:

A gift from your family (or one week’s pay) plus a small gift from your child.


OA_endofsummer_WOOne day or evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child.

Dog walker:

One week’s pay.

Pool cleaner:

$20 to $50, or the cost of one cleaning.

Yard or garden care:

$20 to $50, or the cost of one care session.


A regular caddy, the normal fee for one round. The caddy pool or “backroom” boys’ tip pool: $50 -$100 for a season.

Pool attendant or lifeguard:

$20 - $50, if permitted.

Camp counselors:

Check with the camp administration because most camp counselors are not permitted to accept tips, but a small gift from your child or your family would probably be appropriate.

Regular Tennis or Golf pro:

If you have been taking lessons consistently through the summer, the cost of one private lesson.

Dock attendant:

$20 - $50.