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Siem Reap – A New Experience
Written by Cindy Post Senning  

Something's fishy...

My brother Peter just returned from a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Singapore. He was conducting a Train the Trainer – Business Etiquette Program in Singapore but had an opportunity to visit Cambodia and Vietnam while in Asia. This is my favorite picture – sent from Siem Reap, Cambodia.  At a store front in front of the restaurant where they had dinner, there was the opportunity to bathe their feet in a pool of warm water with a school of little fish that nibble the dead skin off your legs.  It tickles just to think about it. And look at the expressions on their faces. Did you ever see anyone having such a good time? And, by the way, what do you suppose the etiquette would be with such an experience?



Peter Post is in the center. Phil Guo is on the left and Jeffrey Jones is on the right.