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Carry-Ons and Overhead Bins in Airplanes

Etiquette for Carry-Ons and Overhead Bins in Airplanes


There really is such a thing as "carry-on etiquette." Wouldn't you agree? Start by holding your carry-on or shoulder bag in front of you, not at your side, as you walk down the aisle of the plane. Backpacks and suitcases-on-wheels require precision navigation as well. 

 When you reach your seat, quickly put one bag into the overhead bin above your seat or one nearby, taking care not to squash other people's belongings. If you're next to a passenger who's having trouble lifting a suitcase, offer to help if possible-a good deed that also helps speed things up for those still waiting in the aisle.

 With overhead bins, it's first come, first stowed--so if you can't find space, either put your bag under your seat (if it's small enough) or ask a flight attendant for help. If need be, accept that your bag must be consigned to the cargo hold.




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