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In this section we’ll describe all those manners that help us show respect, consideration, and honesty in situations beyond the home. We will also consider the different ways we can show others how much we appreciate them.  Everyone’s in a hurry; the streets are crowded; we live in each other’s back yard; we have deadlines to meet and airplanes to catch; and we pack into the stands to cheer on the home team. Outside the home, many of our encounters are with complete strangers. It’s easy to be rude (or use less than good manners) because we’re anonymous. Yet, to promote a civil society these are exactly the times that call for courteous behavior.  By showing respect and consideration we make good times even better and can soothe over the bad times!


  • Living with Neighbors   ( 6 Articles )

    Being a good neighbor begins with developing a conscious awareness of how our actions may affect others. Being a good neighbor means keeping in mind the "Golden Rule," and treating others as we hope to be treated. Communication and respect are essential to forming and maintaining positive relations with people who live nearby.

  • Around Town   ( 5 Articles )

    These days, it seems like we are always in a rush when driving around town or running simple errands. It's easy in the hustle and bustle of our lives to overlook a general respect for those spaces that we share others. Whether you're in a hurry or not, alone or with companions, it is important to go about your business politely and respectfully. Never underestimate the effects of holding a door open, or sharing a smile!

  • Dining Out   ( 5 Articles )

    To ensure that eating out is a pleasurable experience for you and your dining partners, it is necessary to follow certain conventions whether dining in formal restaurants or more casual places. Treat the waitstaff as you would someone serving you in their home, and the dining space as if it were your own home. Have fun, by all means, but be considerate of all involved.

  • Traveling Near and Far   ( 9 Articles )

    A positive traveling experience is within reach if you practice three key courtesies: treating those you meet and those who serve you with respect, keeping your requests reasonable, and always remembering that as a guest, you should not leave a mark (be it physical litter or a negative impression). With these in mind, a week at your aunt's, an overnight at your friend's or a weekend at a B&B will all run that much smoother.

  • Sports and Recreation   ( 18 Articles )

    When partaking in physical activities, sportsmanship is paramount - and this applies to athletes and spectators alike.  No matter whether you are in a public gym, playing on a team, hiking a trail or surfing a wave, there are commom courtesies which will make the sport all the more enjoyable, both for those engaged in it as well as for those watching.

  • Attending Performances   ( 3 Articles )

    Generally, attending a performance means being in close quarters with many other people. This also means that your choices of what to eat, wear, and do are all the more apparent! Whether you are at a roaring concert or a dramatic theatrical performance, practicing courtesy and consideration as an audience member ensures an enjoyable experience for all of those involved.

  • Tipping   ( 5 Articles )

    Knowing who to tip and how much can be difficult; given liberally it may come across as showy, while not given at all may seem ungrateful. Especially when traveling, there are many situations when tipping comes into question. It is most important to remember that while tipping is meant to be a sign of appreciation for a particular service, it should first and foremost be accompanied by respectful treatment.

  • Volunteering   ( 2 Articles )

    Consideration for others is at the heart of volunteering, and manners play an important role as well. When giving your time and effort in this way, you should act the same way you would while in a paid working environment. It's good practice to give more than is asked of you, and to treat those with whom you are working with the respect that they deserve. In the end, your efforts will pay off.

  • Official Life   ( 2 Articles )

    It can be an amazing priveledge and responsibility to be involved with official dealings. Whether at the local, state, or national level, it is necessary to be aware of protocol, to deliver respect to those involved, and to be conscious of the etiquette regarding introductions, the use of proper titles, and the handling of the country's flag. If you choose to have your voice heard, represent yourself well.


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