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Blind Date Basics

For those looking to spark a romance, a blind date can be a great opportunity to meet someone new. At the same time, going on a date with a complete stranger can be an utterly terrifying experience.

blinddateWe've got tips for everyone involved in a blind date -- from the matchmaker to the potential partners -- to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of whether the spark develops into a flame.

Blind date etiquette point 1: When arranging a blind date, the matchmaker must have everyone's consent before giving out anyone's phone number.

Blind date etiquette point 2: A get-together with a built-in time limit (translation: escape hatch) is a great idea for a blind date. Doing something light, like coffee, drinks, appetizers or brunch, will allow you a good chance to get to know the other person without committing to a long, expensive dinner or night on the town.

Blind date etiquette point 3: Calling to confirm a blind date is especially considerate, since everyone's feeling a bit insecure to begin with. And if for some reason you decide that you can't make the rendez-vous, you must let the other person know. Pulling a no-show is just plain mean!

Blind date etiquette point 4: Above all, be honest: Don't say at the end of the evening that you will call or that you would really like to see the other person again, unless you mean it.



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