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Father's Day Gift-Giving Tips

fathersdayAre you ready to show Dad how much you appreciate him? If you’ve bought golf balls one too many times, here are some tips from The Emily Post Institute on new ways to show Dad he’s number one.

Father’s Day traditions vary widely between families—from a phone call to making a whole day of it—but the essence isn’t the card or the gift. It’s about telling the important men in our lives (whether fathers, step-fathers, uncles, grandfathers, or any other men who have played a significant role for us) how much we love and appreciate them.

Think about ways to spend time with Dad on Father’s Day. Treat him to a movie or lunch, plan a bike ride or a hike at a state park, or even just stop for ice cream—these can all be meaningful ways to connect.

When it comes to gifts, here are a few ideas to celebrate Dad on this special day:

  • For the tech-savvy dad: iPadsalt or e-readersalt are popular splurges right now, as are GPS systemsalt for his car. Subscriptions to his favorite magazinealt or services such as Netflix are always winners.

  • For the barbecue lover: Grill toolsalt are always an easy gift. Grill brandsalt, which can be personalized, take the blah out of burgers. Steven Raichlen has several recipe booksalt that contain hundreds of ideas for the dedicated grill master.

  • For the businessman: Tiesalt and cufflinksalt, especially when personalized, are classic. Card casesalt and picture framesalt for his desk are good go-tos as well.

  • In a pinch, or when you don’t live in the same town as Dad, cards and gift certificatesalt to favorite restaurants or stores do the trick.

The most important thing to keep in mind about Father’s Day gifts is that they should be reflections of your relationship with Dad. They don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. It’s also great to find ways to get the kids involved. Homemade cards and crafts from younger kids are sure to be treasured presents (yes, even cards covered in dried macaroni!). Does Dad hate mowing the lawn? Teens who are short on cash can pledge to do extra chores (cleaning their room doesn’t count).

And whether the day has been well planned or it’s the eleventh hour, don’t forget to give Dad a hug (or a call) and actually say, “Happy Father’s Day!”



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