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Holiday Invitations

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Addressing written and printed invitations

- When addressing invitations, include all the names of the people you’re inviting.  For example, if children are allowed, address the invitation to “Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rickman and Family.”  If children are not allowed, simply exclude the word ‘family’.

- For informal invitations, it’s fine to use first and last names and nicknames. For formal invitations, be sure to use titles and full names.

- If you’re inviting guests to bring a date or guest, note this in the invitation itself, not on the mailing address.

When do the invitations go out?

-       Sooner rather than later is best to accommodate guests’ busy work and social schedules.

-       For a holiday party, invitations should go out from 4 to 6 weeks ahead of the event.

Informal invitations:

-       Are not engraved

-       May include reply cards

-       Use first-person voice

-       Allow abbreviations for months, states, and street addresses

Formal invitations:

-       Are printed or engraved on high-quality paper

-       Use classic type styles

-       Address guests by full names and courtesy titles

-       Are phrased in the third person

-       Use written out numbers for dates and times



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