Corporate Partnership Opportunities


The Posts deliver brand messaging with authority.


Corporate Spokesperson

Anna Post, Lizzie Post, Peter Post, Peggy Post, and Daniel Post Senning are seasoned media professionals who can deliver key messages to media and the public with confidence and ease.
  • Feature a Post in an advertising or marketing campaign to introduce your new product line to the marketplace. When the Posts discuss the etiquette issues that surround your product—from entertaining and weddings to parenting and business—attention will be drawn to your company and your products.
  • Bring a Post on during your peak selling season—the Post’s involvement and endorsement will highlight your products during your key sales cycle.

Survey Spokesperson

Consumer surveys are a great way to learn more about your market, uncover emerging
trends and promote your company and products with the media. Who better than an
impartial-but-influential third-party spokesperson to deliver your survey results to the media? The Posts fit the bill—with media clout and the presence to instill consumer confidence. Your company will be credited with unearthing new trends and establishing statistics.

  • How does rudeness and incivility impact productivity in business? How does it affect society as a whole?
  • What is the best way to teach manners to children? How many parents are failing to teach manners, and why? What is the role of schools?
  • What are the new trends and guidelines for holiday gift giving?
  • How are Americans entertaining today compared to 20 years ago?
  • What are top three hot new trends in wedding planning? In wedding gifts?
  • What are the etiquette guidelines for cell phones, email, pagers, and videoconferencing? How has technology impacted civility?


Product Endorsement & Media Campaigns

Profile the Post name in your next media campaign. Lend credibility to your product by featuring one of the Posts in your television, print and radio ads. A Post endorsement lets consumer know that your products meet a high standard for quality and class.



For more information about corporate partnerships, contact Anna Post 802-860-1814 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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