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The most important manner to remember when it comes to technology is this: be aware of how your use of technology impacts those around you. Think too about how your message (both conent and medium) will be perceived by its recipient. Check out the articles below for specifics on texting, email, cell phone calls, social networking and more. Technology's great--we love it! The genius of technology is that it gives us options—but we need to know when to pick which option. Apply a little common sense to the use of your cool tech tools and you'll be an etiquette superstar. For more on communications in general, visit Communications.


  Intel Survey Reveals That Mobile Etiquette Offenses are on the Rise

A survey by Intel shows that more Americans are engaging in dangerous (using laptops while driving) and rude (talking on cell phones at funerals) behavior. Nine out of ten American adults claim they have seen people misuse mobile technology, and 75 percent say mobile manners are becoming worse compared to just 1 year ago, according to the survey.

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