Emily Post Children's Etiquette
Train the Trainer Program


Whether you're a parent, teacher, after school program coordinator or an etiquette professional, our program prepares you to teach etiquette to children according to their developmental age groups: ages two to four, five to seven, eight to twelve, and teens.

During our intensive four-day training, trainees learn how to teach a comprehensive children's etiquette curriculum using our seven training modules. Attendees also attend a one-day presentation and facilitation skills workshop, observe presentations and receive critique on presentations, and gain knowledge about how to build a successful children's etiquette green_contactus_WOprogram. Graduates may market themselves as "Trained by The Emily Post Institute."


Who should attend?

  • Individuals who want to start their own children’s etiquette seminar business
  • Individuals who already teach children’s etiquette, but want to learn and use the Children’s Etiquette Program created and taught by The Emily Post Institute
  • People in children's education and related businesses who are seeking to make etiquette training a part of their program

March 31 - April 3, 2014
Burlington, VT
Home of The Emily Post Institute

Training Fee:

Annual License Fee:
$300 - Independent Trainers, Education
           Professionals, Etiquette Experts

This fee begins one year after graduation.

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