Children's Train the Trainer Program Benefits


The Emily Post Institute is America's premier source of etiquette knowledge and insight. When you train with us, you gain association with our brand and benefit from nearly a century of Post family history and expertise.


Unlike other etiquette programsCindyforTTTLP_000

The Emily Post Children's Etiquette Programs are not about memorizing an encyclopedia of rules. Rather, they focus on teaching you how to instruct children in the skills they need to grow relationships by applying the underlying principles of etiquette: consideration, respect and honesty.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher or an independent consultant The Emily Post Children's Etiquette Train the Trainer Program will provide you with the skills, knowledge, materials, and confidence you need to teach children, teachers and parents of all ages and exeprience levels about the confidence and poise that come with good etiquette.


Program Benefits

  • The knowledge of the Posts
    Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D. is the co-author of The Gift of Good Manners, written for parents and teachers, and five children’s etiquette books. Over the course of three days, she shares her children’s etiquette knowledge and proven training techniques. You will develop your etiquette and manners knowledge to handle any etiquette situation. And you will have confidence knowing you learned from a trusted etiquette expert.

  • Emphasis on Social Development
    Cindy will coach you on how to “teach to the stage.” Each topic area is broken down by developmental stage with appropriate accompanying materials.

  • Parent/Teacher program
    We provide programming and materials for teaching the value of etiquette to teachers and to parent groups, such as PTOs.

  • The Emily Post name
    Your certificate of completion entitles you to promote yourself as having been “Trained by The Emily Post Institute” or “Completed Training with The Emily Post Institute.”

  • Program development ideas
    We lead a discussion for interested independent trainers about starting and growing an etiquette business. Information includes ways to market your business and how to maintain clients.

  • Access to updated training materials
    Your annual fee entitles you to regularly updated materials: PowerPoint presentations, slides, children's etiquette articles, tip sheets, surveys, and more. You will receive an e-mail notification when materials are added or updated on our secure website.
  • Coaching
    You are entitled to additional coaching with Cindy Post Senning. She will talk you through a quandary, answer etiquette questions or review techniques.
  • 45% discount on book purchases
    HarperCollins Special Sales extends a special discount on all Emily Post titles to our clients and associates. With this discount you may purchase any Emily Post book for your workshop clients at a 45% discount. You can charge full retail price, or you can pass that deep discount, or a partial discount, on to your clients as well.


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