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Valentine's Day

Handled well, spoils to the victor. Handled poorly, welcome to the dog house.



As Valentine's Day approaches, many people's thoughts turn to flowers and candlelit dinners but not to awkward moments when a date takes a cell phone call at the table or long pauses when the check comes. Yet this can be the reality for so many would-be romantics. Let us help you navagate Valentine's Day stresses with grace!

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Peter Post’s Top Valentine’s Day Tips:
  • If you can’t cook, make reservations. The sooner the better.
    The best and most popular restaurants will book up well in advance. Don’t forget to arrange for a sitter too.
  • Mind your table manners.
    Nothing will ruin your evening faster than chewing with your mouth open or holding your fork like a medieval weapon. 
  • Go get the card now!
    Don’t wait till the last minute when the selection includes only the ridiculous and most mushy sentiments.
  • Special and meaningful doesn’t have to mean expensive.
    If you’re on a tight budget, plan accordingly. Cook a romantic dinner at home. Candles and chocolates are within most budgets and can set the tone for a romantic evening. Shower your significant other with love notes or give them a back rub.
  • Don’t believe the hype.
    Even if you spouse or significant other doesn’t buy into the V-Day propaganda, use it as a chance to acknowledge how much you appreciate having them in your life.
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